the d train occupies a special place to me. my memories are categorized by the music of the time. so the d train connects me to this d-train who connects me to my memory of what new york was like in the early 1980s musically. in the bronx, afrika bambaata was mixing kraftwerk with turntablism. enough said. lesser known but just as influential, in brooklyn d-train, newcleus and others were combining electronic instruments, studio wizadry on the mixing boards and powerful, soulful vocals to produce what i have come to call "machine soul". this sound is the foundation that british soulful electronic music sits on (think loose ends, soul II soul, ltj bukem, deep house), as this music was quite influential over the pond.

so that "D" in an orange circle is a symbol for an explosively creative time musically whose influence spread around the world, including a certain boarding school to a group of kenyan teenagers, fascinated by the world of music that made its way from new york city and the united kingdom to our cassette/record players.

"subways, electronics and soul" December 06, 2005 11:26 PM