images from the (not so) recent "first anniversary of the iraq war"/"bring the troops home" rally here in san francisco. with iraq and palestine very much in the news lately, i was visually drawn to a vocal middle eastern contingent in the procession. there was also a tense but peaceful confrontation on the steps of city hall between counter-protestors holding signs supporting israel and palestinians/others who were part of the rally.

a protest by the black bloc broke off from civic center and headed for downtown but was stopped at fifth and market by a solid wall of sfpd blue. there was a brief intense scuffle followed by arrests before the anarchists could f**k any s**t up.

there was a vague whiff of irrelevance to the whole affair; the next day sheik ahmed yassin was killed in gaza; soon after that fallujah and najaf blew up, and the military announced extended tours of duty for its troops.

"no war! one year later" May 09, 2004 12:19 AM