finally ... images i took on a 36 hour trip to the island of zanzibar in december last year. my great disappointment is that i got rained out the second day when i had planned to walk the labyrinth of stonetown. to me, this essay is somewhat incomplete, as i spent part of day two trapped inside one of the museums, waiting out the rain.

zanzibar must have been in the late 19th century what san francisco, new york and london are today: a place where people, ideas and cultures meet and mix, creating something new, different, better. the cultures of africa, arabia, india, europe and china can be felt in the food, music, architecture of the island. like cuba, zanzibar feels frozen in the mid 20th century (e.g. i had to walk around with about 250,000 Tshs as there are no ATMs on the island and no one accepts credit cards), but as a bay area native, i felt right at home with the cosmopolitan feel of the island.

"stonetown, zanzibar" March 14, 2004 11:11 PM