haven't had much reason to add any new posts, as i have been mostly kicking back at my parents' home and taking of social type things (see family/friends, having a commemoration for my youngest brother who passed on 1/5/84), etc.

i did however take a quick jaunt to mombasa along the coast last week on some family business and found about one day to do the "coast thing", checking into the mombasa beach hotel, walking around (dusty) downtown mombasa and spending some time at fort jesus.

images: i've had no means to post images taken with my brother's digital camera. however, between those images and the 10+ rolls of 35mm stuff that i already have there should be material to post here for quite some time after i get back. please stay tuned.

will be back to the states on wed (1/14) then forota should revert back to more images and a whole lot less words.

"almost home" January 12, 2004 04:57 AM