just got back from 2 days of sun and sand in lazy lagoon camp outside bagamoyo about an hour north of dsm. lazy lagoon is located on a sliver of land running parallel to the coast that is about 10 km long and prolly about 500 feet wide. the camp is located at the northern most tip of that slim peninsula where the mangrove thickets have been cleared out and 10 thatch bandas have been erected.

i went there with two pixelcorps folks who are in the process of shooting this fantastic promotional dvd for the company that owns the lazy lagoon and a number of other tourist camps around tanzania. there was l.a. based dvd guru todd (check out his blog which is documenting his time in tanzania). cinematographer chantal is from france although is curently based in san francisco.

yesterday we were joined by lena, sofia and stefan from sweden who are here to study graphic design and how an exchange program can be initiated between schools here in tanzania and the university in sweden with which they are affiliated.

our mini united nations was rounded out by the camp manager vladimir, who enhances his london accent with the hand gestures of his native italy.

cool: the daily 5:30 am "flotilla" of fishing boats that pass right by the camp on their way out to the open sea for a day of fishing with their billowing white triangular sails. lively conversation with the group at dinner last night on the beach with just candles and the stars for lighting. just lounging on the porch outside my banda for hours alternately napping and staring out at the blue sea, with no place be or task to accomplish.

coming back to dsm as sleepy as it is compared to nbo and sfo earlier today, just heightened for me how de-stressing and relaxing it was to be completely unplugged for a couple of days. definitely the highlight of my trip so far.

tomorrow is zanzibar for one night, returning sunday p.m. i am really excited to go, but i doubt that it will match lazy lagoon for r&r, especially considering that i plan to shoot as much as possible.

"dsm update #2: lazy lagoon" December 19, 2003 08:05 AM