so ... gavin newsom won the mayoral seat in sf. couldn't wait to get to a cybercafe to find out, i couldn't find even a casual mention of it in the media out here as big a story as it was "over there". san francisco and its politics are such a world away from here; what with the 40th anniversary celebrations marking kenya's independence, the goldenberg scandal; the debate of who was a war hero in the fight for kenya's independence and how they should be recognized.

images: maybe in dar-es-salaam where i may have access to pixelcorps bandwidth and my brother's digital camera.

mental image: i am walking through the streets here in downtown and am vaguely aware of an umbrella at knee height. slowly a hand or the remnants of one reaches out from under the umbrella for a handout. i realize that it belongs to a woman whose body has been mangled by leprosy. i keep walking but i still can't shake the image of that hand from my mind three days later.

mental image: a disabled man walking on hands and knees across the HOT midday tarmac, flip flops on his hands presumably to keep them from getting callused.

"nbo update #2: a world away" December 14, 2003 07:03 AM