finally landed in nbo yesterday morning. been spending the last 24 hours fighting jet lag and catching up with my parents. on tap: rest/sleep this week, tanzania next week, family get togethers the week after that.

first impression: more security. kenyan authorities have responded to the 2 blasts with very visible, very stepped up security downtown. e.g. mama ngina street runs next to a building that houses a number of diplomatic missions. it has been reduced to a one lane, one way street to minimize the potential for truck-borne attack. there are also many more armed guards in strategic parts of downtown.

weird: riding the metro shuttle, a kind of "anti-matatu" and watching the conductor tell some potential passengers that they could'nt get on board because there was nowhere to sit. if this is the new kenya i like it.

more anon.

"nbo update 1" December 10, 2003 03:26 AM