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forota.net is the personal web site of kamau mucoki, a photographer who has been documenting life on the streets and posting the images on the web since 2000. he carries a camera with him daily, through which he tries to find the extraordinary in the ordinariness of day to day objects, scenes and activities; to go beyond the surface appearance of the everyday.

kamau is a native of kenya; he recently relocated to new york city (2005) after a seven year stint in the san francisco bay area.

largely self-taught, kamau is inspired by the work of henri cartier-bresson, walker evans, sebastiao salgado, and the online photoblog community. he shoots primarily in digital, but occasionally shoots film.

equipment used:
digital camera: nikon d70, various nikon lenses
film cameras: hasselblad 500 c/m with 80mm lens. nikon n90s. fed 2.
film: various fuji (color), kodak, ilford, fuji (black and white)

hire me!
if you are interested in purchasing prints or licensing any images from this site, please e-mail me (picha {at} forota.net). i am also available for hire to do editorial, commercial and documentary work.

meaning of word "forota": kiswahili term for "to take a photograph". source: yale kamusi project

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photo features
stonetown, zanzibar 2003
lazy lagoon, tanzania, 2003
NO WAR! peace protests in san francisco, 2003
new york city, 2002
in and around nairobi, 2001



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